Voting Screen

Decision Time for the BRITs Voting Academy

The BRITs Voting Academy will begin voting online on Wednesday 9th December to decide who will pick up the most coveted trophy in British Music.  The 1,000 selected academy members are specifically chosen for their knowledge of music and this year.

The Voting Academy is split into 14 sectors ranging from retailers, concert promoters, publishers, managers, NUS Ents officers, Producers, Indie labels, Press, TV & Radio and The Musicians Union. The major labels represent only 12% of the overall vote, despite perception that they remain a dominant voting sector.

Voting will commence for The Academy on Wednesday 9th December with a dedicated ‘BRITs Voting Day’ on Friday 11th December where reminders will be sent to ensure that all voters are activated.  Voting closes, 3pm on Wednesday 16th December when official scrutineers ERS then lock them away until Monday 18th January 2010 until they are announced at the Nominations Launch party to be held at The Indig02.

Adding to the excitement of the 9th December, the newly revamped will be the first time the BRIT Awards footage archive is unlocked.  Over the past year, the BRITs team have been busy digitising the past 30 years of photos, footage and performances so that will become the official home of everything you ever needed to know, see or hear about the BRITs.

Keeping up the tradition for the third year, the winner of the Critics Choice Award will be also be announced along with the runners up on December 9th. Females have dominated this category so far with Florence & the Machine in 2009 and Adele in 2008.