Goldierock - official online presenter for (3)

Goldierocks - blog - Part 1

Goldierocks is very proud to announce that she'll be back as the official online presenter for, at the Brit Awards 2011!

After the success of last year, she's very happy to be back:

"Bowing down to Meatloaf, persuading Robbie Williams to pinch Kylie Minogue's bottom, getting a piggy back from Courtney Love's security, sharing Seasick Steve's hipflask and being serenaded by JLS. It's the biggest night in the music industry calendar and I can't wait to be involved again. The glamour, the energy, running round backstage & on the red carpet- sharing the excitement with some of the biggest stars on the planet..."

Goldierocks will be the only AAA presenter- reporting backstage from the dressing rooms, at the dress rehearsals and on the red carpet for

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