BRITs table

A sneak peak at the BRIT Awards menu

What are you planning for your dinner? Well whatever you have in mind, we can pretty much guarantee you it won't be as impressive as what will be on the menu for guests at The 2012 BRIT Awards with MasterCard.

Esteemed caterers Payne & Gunter have once again pulled out all the stops to ensure all the big-name guests are served the finest British food, and we've had an exclusive look at the food set to be served at the ceremony on 21 February, 2012.


A trio of ‘truffles’  - porcini, spelt and broad bean with homemade tomato chutney and crostini.

Main course:

Cannon of English lamb in green herbs on pea puree, with spiced red cabbage and a little lamb and mint Cornish pasty.

Vegetarian main course:

Wild mushroom ragout in puff pastry case with pea puree and spiced red cabbage.


Mojito jelly with tequila mousse, effervescent lime sugar.

It's certainly put our supper plans into perspective.