Jessie J

"I was just trying not to swear or fall over at the 2011 BRIT Awards"

This week we spoke to 2011 Critics' Choice winner and 2012 nominee Jessie J live on Twitter. The UK star has had a massive year since her win at the 2011 BRIT Awards with MasterCard, and we wanted to check in with the 'Domino' chart-topper ahead of this year's BRITs.

We collected questions from our Twitter followers, added a few of our own and sat Jessie down for a half hour live chat. Read on to see if your question was answered, find out who Jessie's inspiration is, how she's enjoying her time as a judge on The Voice and how she'll celebrate if she wins a BRIT Award in 2012...

From @BRIT_Awards: Tweeting @jessiejofficial, come in Jessie J! Are you ready for our Twitter interview?

From @Mel_Frayne: What was your highlight of 2011?
My highlight was being able to have the year I've been waiting for. For the world to hear my music. The whole year was a #highlight :)

From @BRIT_Awards: What are your memories of collecting the 2011 BRITs Critics' Choice award?
Trying not to fall over, swear in my speech and not crying. I was so overwhelmed. It was such a big moment for me. :)

From @Nicola_JJ_LilMixer: What has been your favourite show or performance of the past year?
There has been so many. But VH1 Divas was special. An honour to be on stage with so many of the singers I have grown up listening to. Was defo one for the diary.

From @JessieJ_Global: What are you enjoying most about being part of The Voice?
Hearing so many amazing voices. Knowing I can be a coach, I can't wait! Meeting Tom, Will and Danny - and being silly on TV. That's fun! People are gonna see how silly I really am.

From @ChelseyJessieJ: You were reportedly giving Haribo out while filming The Voice. Tangtastic or Supermix?
I prefer Tangfastic but it was sadly just Starmix on offer.

From @BRIT_Awards: Which other artists would you most like to be sat with at The BRIT Awards 2012?
Everyone on one MASSIVE table!!! :D

From @xExpressUrSelfx: Which is your favorite of all your songs to perform live?
I don't have one! It depends on the day, the vibe, my mood the audience...

From @Chantale_JJ: How will you celebrate if you win a Brit Award this year?
I will jump into the nearest pool. Lol. And do three new youtube videos :D

From @HausOfHelga: What's your biggest dream - or goal - that you'd still like to achieve?
It changes. My biggest goal is to make music people love forever. Others are about growth and learning as I grow up #wowjessiethatwasdeep lol

From @CocoPops_: What's the best gig or show you've ever been to?
I LOVED Beyonce's 'I AM' tour. I was so inspired!

From @TobyMiles1: When is your next UK tour?
Hopefully next year :D I know my #heartbeats will make it happen :)

From @HeartbeatNavy: (And if we're talking touring...) Is there a european tour planned?
I don't know. I HOPE so :D

From @BRIT_Awards: Who do you think most deserves recognition at this year's BRIT Awards?
ME!! Lol. Ed Sheeran for sure. A guy that can hold a huge audience with a guitar and a loop machine is a star in my eyes. #ateam

From @JJHeartbeat8: Have you voted for yourself to win a BRIT Award?
No. I hope my fans are voting. Would be amazing to win one :D x

From @Louuuiiiisee: What's your favourite outfit that you've ever worn on stage?
I have soooo many. I loved my Heartbeat tour outfits. Tight bright and comfy. Perfect :)

From @BeccaCooperOx: What's your advice for all the aspiring young singers and musicians out there?
Practice practice practice. Hard work, sing anywhere you can. Learn to love your voice :)

From @Team__Heartbeat: Your a role model to the #heartbeats, but who is your role model? Who inspires you?
My mum and dad. I love them so much.

From @amielilly: Does it feel strange to sit back and think how far you have come in the past year?
It blows my mind. I want to be sitting here in 50 years and looking back and be proud #hardwork

From @Team__Heartbeat:' What are you most looking forward to in 2012?
Tours, meeting more fans, making new music, having more fun :D

From @elieDaydreamer: Which are the most played songs on your iPod at the moment?
India Arie 'Ready For Love', Beyonce 'Love On Top' Jay-Z 'N***** In Paris'.

From @BRIT_Awards: Have you planned your BRITs 2012 outfit?
No, I should probably do that?! Lol

Oh no! Twitter has crashed after our @jessiejofficial interview but we think our time was up anyway. A MASSIVE thanks to Jessie to her time.
Thannnkkk youuuuuu :D see you at the BRITS!!! WoooooOoooooOooooooo

Jessie J is nominated for British Female, British Breakthrough and British Single awards at the BRIT Awards 2012. The show takes place on 21 February 2012 and will be broadcast live on ITV1 from 8pm.

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