Professor Green

"I'd put my money on Ed Sheeran winning"

What would life be like without Twitter in this day and age? Well we'll tell you one thing, it would be without the option for us to chat to BRIT Awards with MasterCard nominees such as Professor Green live on the internet, that's for sure.

This week we had the opportunity to interview the British Male nominee Pro Green and put questions from our Twitter followers to the chart topping 'Read All About It' star. We asked the UK hip-hop sensation about his best BRITs memories, who he wanted to work with on his next album and how far he was planning to go with his tattoo habit. Read on to find out if your question was answered - and what Professor Green had to say for himself...

Tweeting @professorgreen! Congratulations on your BRIT Award nomination, are you ready for our live Twitter interview?
@BRIT_Awards Thank you. Indeed I am. Lets get it underway!

From @BRIT_Awards: How does it feel to be nominated for the British Male award? Who do you think will win it?
Despite me having a great year across the board i'd probably put my money on Ed Sheeran. It's an incredible nomination, i'm flattered.

From @BRIT_Awards: What's your standout memory of The BRIT Awards?
Being sat at @mrslrcooper's table when she won her award, after a brilliant performance.

From @CharrDizzay: What inspired your new single Never Be A Right Time? Is is a personal story?
Actually I took inspiration from more than one situation, but yes, it is.

From @BRIT_Awards: Your lyrics are very personal. Do you find it hard to share such intimate details of your private life?
Sometimes; but I don't give everything away...

From @broadfieldgirl: Of your achievements in the past few years, what are you most proud of?
I haven't eaten sugar in over a week and haven't killed anybody, yet.

From @KikoManutd27: You've had hits with @emelisande and @MrsLRCooper. Who else would you like to work with?
@the_prodigy! And I would one day love to work with @MrsLRCooper again!

From @BabiiG_TW: Of all the songs you've written, which are you most proud of?
This changes all the time, at the moment probably 'Astronaut'.

From @orubenstein: If you could have your way, what would the next singles from your current album be?
'Astronaut'... 'DPMO'... 'Trouble'... 'Spinning Out'... 'Forever Falling'... 'Nightmares'... Pretty much everything ha ha!

From @georgia_ndubz: What are your biggest regrets?
Regrets make for a bitter person, I try to let them go rather than carry the burden.

From @oOcolourOo: What was the first gig you have ever been to?
I can't remember?? Couldn't of been very good. favourite gig to date was @the_prodigy at Brixton Academy.

From @WeedRapLife: What's your tipple before a gig? Cup of tea - or something a little stronger?
My old mate Jack quite often makes an appearance before, during and after gigs. As does throat coat and manuka honey. wants/needs.

From @vivalaruin: If you could tour with any US artist, who would it be?
Not Ke$ha.

From The BRIT Awards: Who do you think most deserves recognition at this year's BRIT Awards?
There's too many great people nominated to pick out any one specifically!

From @Grace_EMINEM: A tattoo question. Are you planning on more tattoos? How about full sleeves?
I will have more tattoos in the future... Full sleeves? Who knows? I like quite patchy tatts.

From @joshhrichards @suzannemason53: Who is your biggest inspiration?
It's hard to pick one single person, i'd have to say my nan.

From @ktmummblesHORANL: If you had to change your stage name - what would you change it to?
No bloody idea. 'Manderson'?

From @mrs_essex: What's the weirdest thing a fan has ever given you?
Nothing tooooo odd yet. My fans are quite aware of my likes... Usually salt and vinegar crisps!

From @osborneevents: If you weren't working in rap, could you be tempted to try other music scenes?
If I could sing better i'd give that a go... Something quite trip hoppy and down-tempo though.

From @YeahBuddiee_: What did you make of the Italian version of 'Read All About It'?
I loved the passion and conviction.

From @JessieJLoveeer: Would you ever consider a duet with @jessiejofficial?

From @BRIT_Awards: What are you most excited about in 2012?
Travelling with the album and in particular beginning the grind in America!

From @BRIT_Awards: Which artists are you tipping for success in 2012?
@emelisande which almost goes without saying! Also @dreammclean, his punchlines are a madness #sicklife

From @BRIT_Awards: You've said you have already started work on album No.3. Any gossip on that record?
Lips are sealed.

From @BRIT_Awards: Is there any truth in the rumour that you're working with the original Sugababes?
I'm working with Zig and Zag on my next record.

You heard it hear first folks - Professor Green wants to work with Jessie J, Lily Allen and The Prodigy on his next album but might have to make do with 90s TV puppets Zig & Zag instead.

Tune into The 2012 BRIT Awards at 8pm on ITV1, 21 February to find out if Professor Green wins the British Male award.

His new single 'Never Be A Right Time' and album 'For Your Inconvenience' are out now.