BRIT School




The BRIT School is the leading Performing and Creative Arts school in the UK and completely FREE to attend.  It provides a unique education for over 1,300 pupils aged between 14 and 19 in the fields of music, film, digital design, community arts, visual arts and design, production and performing arts as well as a full academic programme of GCSEs and A Levels.

How do you measure success in a school –

Is it the Ofsted?  Impressing academic results its students aspire to?

At the BRIT School, 99% of students achieved five A*- C grade GCSEs at Key Stage 4, rivalling that of any school in the land.

Do you chart its graduates’ business success?

The BRIT School has sent thousands of well-prepared faces into record companies, theatres, production studios, and the wider arts.

Or do you watch the biggest music show in the country, to see which of our many alumni you can spot?


BRIT School graduate Cat Burns performed at the BRIT Awards 2023 ceremony joining an illustrious list of previous BRIT School alumni including Leona Lewis, Amy Winehouse, Adele and Kate Nash, all having graced the BRIT Awards stage.

Whatever criteria you choose, it is clear that the Croydon based BRIT School has done the 8000+ students who have passed through its doors proud. Founded in 1991, the school is jointly funded by a long-standing arrangement between The BRIT Trust and The Department for Children, Schools and Families. It is the only non fee-paying performing arts school in the UK. The school strives to provide equality of opportunity to all young people, regardless of race, background or social status.

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