The BRITs 2002

Date: 20/02/2002
Location: Earls Court 2, London
Host: Frank Skinner & Zoe Ball



The BRIT Awards ceremony is truly the most anticipated night of the music industry calendar, and the last year’s spectacular event showed why!

Searchlights traced the sky above London’s Earls Court arena, signalling clearly there was but one place to be on that freezing, frosty but glitter-glam night inside!

The BRIT Awards 2002 opened in style. A riot of sound and cartoonish vision, Gorillaz were silhoutted against giant screens and joined on stage by rappers for a unique perfomance of their hit, Clint Eastwood. Hosts Frank Skinner and Zoe Ball welcomed the crowds then led us through a priceless night of magical moments. What were your favourites?

Flying the flag for UK garage came Mis-teeq, three lil ladies with big voices indeed. The tune was one night stand;hey, what a night! Still showcasing urban music, So Solid Crew exploded into the mainstream arena in a blaze of pyrotechnics. Their electrifying performance showcased both So Solid’s trademark tunes, and the talents of a collective sure to make a mark individually in Urban music for some time to come.

Already with a remarkable track record came Westlife, who once again grabbed the gong for best Pop Act. It would prove a special night for another chart band, Blue, who were voted best British Newcomers. Collecting their award from Trevor Nelson, the lads lit up with stage with their honest excitement, while the silver-skirted International Solo Female Artist/International Album recipient, Kylie was clad in thigh high boots but clothed in the regal glow of Pop Royalty – she lit up the lives of lads everywhere. That New Order remix! The CD-styled entrance, and the ever-pulsating dance routine! Well, who could get them out of their head?

Of course there were more reflective moments. 2002 was surely the year of Dido too. After collecting the accolades for British Female Solo Artist and best British Album, she silenced the revellers with her rendition of the sultry Here With Me.

Back in the party mood, supermodel Heidi Klum yodelled. Eddie Irvine stopped by, and Travis were named best British Band. Michael Madsen did some good menacing looming, then all eyes in the room turned to Hollywood hero Russell Crowe, a whistlestop visitor and welcome presenter. An array of stunning vocal performances proved the BRITS would be the only topic of conversation come the gossip columns next morning: as the International Group The Strokes put it in their hit, it was all about Last Night.

Shaggy took home the International Male Solo Artist award, while Ali G ”Shaggy’s co-star on the night” took home, well, the award for the number of most bleeped out words come televisual transmission. Wonder what his Julie would say?

By the time the Earls Court audience stood to welcome Sting’s Outstanding Contribution Award, the dedicated fans outside had stopped talking and were starting to sway, despite the freeze and the frost. The first timeless notes of hits including Roxanne and Every Breath You Take floated in on the air, then faded away. The ceremony inside was over, the partygoers? All off elsewhere for more champagne. One year later, almost to the day, the whole shindig will happen again. Like Sting said, Music Is Its Own Reward. But we do like a party as well.

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