The BRITs 2009

Date: 15/02/2009
Location: Earls Court, London
Host: James Corden, Mathew Horne and Kylie Minogue



The Wednesday event was a mild evening weather wise with once again a live show lined up for an ITV1 8pm prime time broadcast. What the audience were yet to see however was that the stage had returned to be just one large affair with a very large presentation area and a few cows thrown in for good measure. Planning for the show takes around 9 months so when the creative team are pondering on what would impress a February credit-crunch-hit evening in 2009, bringing the OUTDOORS – IN seemed the perfect way to lift a few spirits and show that the BRITs are always keen to push the boundaries. Some felt it paid slightly too much ‘homage’ to Glastonbury with the triangular structure but the projection imagery and set pieces made sure that each performance was completely unique and contrasting. Not many shows can go from a show stopping live U2 opening to the Girls Aloud extravaganza of dancers, staircases, and plumage galore!

What the public weren’t aware of (be it in the hall or watching on TV), was that the BRITs had lost a crucial member of its production team. Mick Klucynski died the week of the awful snow and just a few days prior to moving in for the build. Please go to the ‘About Us’ section on the site to learn more about Mick, but suffice to say for this moment of capturing time – he was the man who convinced us all – be it TV or Event teams – that we should revert to one stage for a live live event as a true show man would. (Since going live, two performance areas were always built.) When we say ‘live live’ by the way – we mean all the artists sing live and the event runs live – that’s why we can run a public vote with a result during the show. Some productions wish artists to perform to backing tracks as there are less risks...and why we built two performance areas was so that the riggers could set one stage whilst the other was being used....again lowering the odds. How we make it work now is that the Award giving is the time when production can turn around sets but it is a fine line. Sometimes we are pleased when the Award recipient wants to thank everyone they know plus God, but sometimes we wish a sheep hook was near for a timely exit. The calculations are done to the second, but what keeps the BRITs a ‘must see’ is the unforeseen events that often occur to keep the viewer on the edge of their seat.

The Pet Shops Boys being the finale and Outstanding Contribution to Music Award recipients truly brought the house down. Featuring Lady GaGa and Brandon Flowers, their set and performance medley locked us back into the 80’s and made sure there wasn’t one bottom left on a seat. Being forever the showmen with their style, panache and amazing musicianship, this was the perfect ending the BRITs team needed in 2009.

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