The BRITs 2008

Date: 09/02/2009
Location: Earls Court, London
Host: The Osbournes



There were surprisingly few wacky moments, though top of the charts would have to be when the Arctic Monkeys accepted their award for Best British Album dressed like English Country Gents. They held flasks of whiskey and decoy ducks and played a horn into the mic.

Touching moments included Amy Winehouse sending televised messages of love to her incarcerated husband, and Mark Ronson saying he’d never been more chuffed in his life. Top performances included Leona Lewis and a troupe of dancers. They pulled it off masterfully, dancing romantically under a shower of what looked like purple rose petals.

The Ozzy Family were a treat, Sharon must have changed at least five times in the two hour show. Kelly got a kick out of intro-ing her close mate Amy Winehouse, and Ozzy was chuffed to introduce Paul McCartney, a man he says inspired him to get into music in the first place.

McCartney was the star of the night however; whose five song medley, with green and blue flames, sparkling firecrackers and tracks that spanned a lifetime spent making music brought the house down.

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